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Digital Antenna

Digital 549ew-s 8' Tapered Extension

Digital 549ew-s 8' Tapered Extension

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Digital 549EW-S 8' Tapered


Model: 549-EW-S
  • Heavy duty fiberglass
  • Stainless steel ferrules
  • 1""14 threaded top and base
  • High gloss urethane finish

Constructed of high-quality reinforced fiberglass and finished to match Digital Antennas award-winning antennas, our antenna extenders are used to increase the height of an antenna to improve effective range or to place an antenna above on-board obstructions that may interfere with proper radiation.

All extenders mount standard 1""14 threaded mounts. Use a center brace when the combined length of your antenna and all extensions is more than 8'

Construction Fiberglass
Mounting Style 1in.-14 Thread
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