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Dual Pro Chargers

Dual Pro Battery Optimization System For Three 12v Batteries In Series (36v System)

Dual Pro Battery Optimization System For Three 12v Batteries In Series (36v System)

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Dual Pro Battery Optimization System 12v 3 Battery in Series 36v System

Model: BOS12V3
  • Approved for use with Wet Cell, AGM and Lithium Ion batteries
  • Designed for 12V batteries
  • Designed for use in fresh and saltwater
  • BSAP-24 Battery Selection and Prediction Algorithm on board
  • Less than 1mA sleep mode
  • Self-powered

Premature battery failure due to an unbalanced pack has unfortunately been accepted as the ‘norm’ for decades. The B.O.S. breaks through those accepted "norms" and solves the problem with a BSAP-24 algorithm that can accurately predict and select the battery that needs additional energy to match the other batteries within the pack. This simultaneously and successfully extends the life of each battery in the pack. The net result is substantially increased run times and extended battery life.

B.O.S. is compatible with PROView™ Link battery monitoring software that enables you to monitor your battery status via your smart phone or tablet. The PROView™ Link App is available to download for free at the Apple and Google Play stores. Learn more about the capabilities of PROView™ Link at the Energy Management page.

The Battery Optimization System is compatible with most Lithium* batteries.

*Always verify with PCS before using with Lithium batteries.

*Use PROVIew™ Link to configure B.O.S. for use with approved lithium batteries.

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