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Kvh Azimuth 1000 Fluxgate Compass Black

Kvh Azimuth 1000 Fluxgate Compass Black

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The Azimuth 1000 combines a digital fluxgate compass and an LCD display into one compact, watertight unit. Ideal for all types of powerboats, the Azimuth 1000's large, heads-up display provides easy-to- read heading, compass rose, and off-course steering information. And with its standard NMEA 0183 output, you can send its precise heading data to other onboard equipment. No matter how fast your speed or how rough the seas, Azimuth 1000 keeps you steady on course!


Self-contained for easy installation and designed to military quality standards
Automatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy ( 0.5 )
Backlit LCD display with rotating compass rose and large numerals offers clear viewing during both day and night
Interfaces with other NMEA 0183-compatible equipment, including radar, autopilots, plotters, and PC software
Simple push-button selection of off-course mode and any of 10 damping levels

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